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Income tax and crytpo currency


The market for cryptomorphs is growing at a rapid pace. More and more people are interested in the world of digital investments, and along with the technological and digital advance, new digital currencies have emerged, and with them many doubts. Among so many questions, income tax is still an issue. Anyway, do I need to declare income tax on investments in cryptomorphs? Yes! Although it’s a very discussed subject, still, among sympathizers and traders, because of the origin of crypts. To declare the IR of those investments, protects you from inspection! Take a good look: Let’s say that in 3 years, cryptomaps will have a very high valuation, and you will have millions in your account. How will you explain this to Revenue? Declare your IR on the purchase, because when you decide to sell your cryptomorphs, you can justify it. This will avoid a huge amount of wear and tear, accusations of money laundering and frozen assets. Talk to your accountant! We hope this article has helped you to better understand the world of crypts, and how to proceed with this new market. So you know, if you declare everything right, you won’t have any problems up front!



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