Having control over your financial life is priceless!

488EX is one of the largest companies of cryptomoedas, and of course bitcoin in Brazil. We are in Curitiba – PR, and since 2018 we bring change and growth, both to the financial market and to cryptomarket.

We want to change lives, through technology, transparency, security and liquidity. And of course, with personalized service for each profile. We know that changes in the financial market and in cryptomarket are good for people, for companies and especially for the country.

How do we do this? We offer our clients an audited platform, an anti-fraud system, better market rates, liquidity and fast transactions. All to facilitate and optimize bitcoin, ethereum (ether), litecoin and trueUSD trades in Brazil.


A world where people are independent and free from taxes and financial abuse. Where a better future is a possibility for everyone!


We wear the shirt, and through technology, we want to take financial independence to a higher level!


We have in our culture that the greatest value we can carry is honesty. It generates trust and respect!

Be a part of the world’s
most active crypt negotiations!


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