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Have you thought about the End of the Bureaucracy?


Technology and innovation!

Believe it or not, this is already possible in the world we live in. Have you ever thought about living in a country where a child at birth comes with its registered name, documents such as RG and CPF ready, important information such as blood type, weight, height, diseases, records of vaccines already taken, pre-established date of the next to take and a range of information relevant to the future of that child’s life?

Have you also thought about going to a dealership and buying a brand new car and leaving there with all the purchase documentation, the CRV (vehicle registration certificate) and all the information from where, when, who manufactured each part of the car? And other infinite possibilities like selling a property on your property to be completed quickly without wasting time in queues and bureaucracy of notaries?

The answer is yes, this country already exists and has been at least 15 years ahead of other countries in the use and adoption of a disruptive technology called Blockchain. We are talking about Estonia. This small country provides more than 1,000 services to the population through the Internet without the need for intermediaries and, especially, without bureaucracy.

It is also the first country to offer a service called e-Residency. It is a digital identity issued by the government that provides access to the digital business environment and fully transparent in the country. e-Residency allows digital entrepreneurs to manage their business remotely. This type of service, allows any citizen of the world, who registers as an electronic citizen of Estonia, can, from then on, create a business or register their activity in European territory. The e-Residency has been supported by the government of the country and guarantees legitimacy to active crypto. The judicial, legislative, health and security sectors there already have blockchain technology inserted in their structures. Estonia is also the first country in the world to use the electronic voting service based entirely on blockchain.


This technology allows for greater dynamism and really opens up a very wide roll for your application. Brazil currently ranks 124 among 190 countries in the Doing Business ranking of 2020, which is a comparison in the ease of doing business in the countries. We are far behind in the adoption of this technology. But the Government has already begun to glimpse with “good eyes” how much this technology can make life easier for Brazilians, save spending on the public machine, and make everything more efficient, lean and with less risk of corruption.

The world is moving towards digitalization, as has been seen in many sectors, such as retail and entertainment. The usability of this technology by governments can help in various aspects such as health, border control, real estate, energy, tourism, waste management itself, land registration, taxation, the financial sector as a whole, banking and so on.

Would Blockchain be the missing link to help governments become fully digitalized?

Many governments are already aware that they can’t leave out Blockchain’s technology, or they would be wasting the chance to participate in the most important technological revolution of the 21st century until now.

Text:Ignez Aranha



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