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News involving theft of money, by hackers, or people who invested and had losses. These issues scare those who have never invested, or do not know the world of investments in digital currencies. But, it is worth pointing out that these were isolated cases, where people did not take due care, did not get knowledge, or where the brokerage house involved was not solid and reliable. If we take the necessary and correct measures, we can avoid all these problems. We have listed below some tips and information, so that you do not make mistakes or be afraid when investing:
1. study, get informed and never stop consuming content.
For any market that you want to enter, buy or invest, get knowledge. To be aware of the subject, to participate in events and not to be ashamed or afraid, when it comes to clearing up doubts with your brokerage house, are habits that will make you, an expert in the subject, and will avoid frustrations in relation to investments and results.

2. Always keep your feet on the ground!
To get into this subject, we start with some important information. Cryptomarket is volatile and valuation can change at any time, so do not invest more than you are willing to lose, and have an emergency reserve. Have expectations, but don’t run away from reality for a second!

3. There is no such thing as bitcoin. Know all the coins and choose the right one for you!
Knowing all the currencies and their values, is essential for you to diversify your portfolio, and can double your investments. Follow reports, analysis and history of each of the main ones. This will make all the difference when it comes to investing, and you will feel much safer!

4. Your brokerage house should provide security, reliability and results.
The exchanges are stock market brokers, are the platforms for buying and selling digital currencies. Therefore, it is important that you know your brokerage house. Search, take testimonials from investors, look for social networks and see the content, also be aware of the public engagement with this company. An Exchange of trust must offer: Support, platform functionality, transaction security, and compliance with all user country regulations.

5. Transfer your crypts to a portfolio!
Last but not least, that is where you will keep your crypts. Transferring your investments to a portfolio is the safest way to not lose your investments and have control over them. Opt for a hot wallet or cold wallet, both are safe. The hot wallet is a wallet that works like the checking account, the one you make the financial movement. The cold wallet corresponds to savings, and its function is to store your crypts.

Did you see that?! With these tips, there’s no way you won’t succeed in your investments in cryptomorphs!



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