A platform, above all, reliable!

The 488EX platform is audited and secure, because it has an anti-fraud system and high frequency liquidity,
guaranteeing great results for those who buy and negotiate.

Credit and debit card.
(VIP exclusivity)

Purchases can be made by credit or debit card. This facilitates and optimizes negotiations. Be a VIP!!!

Be a VIP member!

More you use the platform, lower your fees. Refer friends and receive discounts, and more, VIP user receives personalized service and special conditions!

API 488EX available

Professional, fully reliable trader tool for creating trading bots between platforms and much more!

Merchants Services

Accept Bitcoin, and receive it immediately in your FIAT. Allow your merchants to accept crypto transactions.


Great negotiations with private and personalized services.
Unique business opportunities.


100% secure platform with sophisticated anti-fraud management. Automated banking and audited security by Kaspersky!

High frequency liquidity!

Integrated with the largest and best exchanges on the planet!
No matter the value, we serve you immediately.

Transfers between users.

They can be done on time and for free. Just generate a vaucher and transfer to another user, without complications or bureaucracy.

Support 24/7

24/7 monitoring and support!


A platform developed for beginners and professionals, with all the important tools, optimized and functional, making life easier for those who want to buy and sell cryptomites.

Designed for customers, who require extremely fast execution, reliable digital wallets and industry-leading security practices.

Besides being completely safe, audited and with an anti-fraud system.


Are you a trader now, or are you just starting out?

Trading is easy with our simple interface. Our platform is convenient for beginners and professionals for fully functional trading. Buy, sell, trade and manage orders and funds!

Stop Limit, Market e Trailing Stop

Protect your funds and increase your profits with professional tools!
| Market | Stop Limit | Stop Market | Traling Stop | Trailing Stop Limit

Night mode, basic and advanced.

A simple and advanced interface, with intuitive navigation, offers a perfect trading experience.

No problems or delays with withdrawals and deposits.

Audited and Anti-Fraud Platform.

High frequency liquidity.


Information is everything! If you understand the subject you are interested in venturing into,
is always on the inside of everything that happens. Come in, feel free to meet yet
plus the cryptomorphs, the cryptomarket and how it all works.

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